Trend Submersible Pump (2HP)

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The Italian Trend Tank Submersible Pump comes as an indispensable solution for ensuring a reliable water supply. The submersible pump operates automatically by monitoring the water level in the tanks, allowing it to close or open as needed. Some may also refer to it as a submersible pump because it pumps water when the level drops below the designated threshold and automatically stops working when it exceeds that level. Therefore, don't hesitate to order the Italian Trend Tank Submersible Pump now, as we offer it to you as an unparalleled marketing opportunity. The submersible pump is designed to be installed inside the tank without any disturbing noise, ensuring complete tranquility. Moreover, its body is manufactured using the finest stainless steel, including the column and strainer, guaranteeing durability and high-level performance

1,650.00 SR 1650.0 SAR 1,650.00 SR VAT Excluded

1,650.00 SR VAT Excluded

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Horsepower: 2 HP

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